About Sigmaplot

What is it?

SigmaPlot graphing software from Systat Software takes you beyond simple spreadsheets to help you show off your work clearly and precisely. With SigmaPlot, you can produce high-quality graphs without spending hours in front of a computer. SigmaPlot offers seamless Microsoft Office integration, so you can easily access data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and present your results in Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations.

How can I use it?

Note: This software is only licensed for academic teaching, learning, and research. UK's license does not cover use of this application for other purposes, including university business (retention, internal statisics, etc).

  • Quickly create exact graphs
  • Easily visualize data
  • More than 100 2-D and 3-D graph types
  • Customize every detail of your charts and graphs
  • Quickly plot your data from existing graph templates
  • Publish your charts and graphs anywhere
  • Share high-quality graphs on the web
  • Delivers the data analysis tools you need to draw solid conclusions
    • Use SigmaPlot within Microsoft Excel
    • Use the Regression Wizard to fit data easily and accurately
    • Plot any mathematical function
  • Maximize your productivity with automation
    • Automate complex repetitive tasks
    • Tap into SigmaPlot's powerful capabilities from other applications

Who can use it?

All current UK faculty, staff, and students may download and install this application.

Where is it?

SigmaPlot can be acquired from http://download.uky.edu for installation on a personal computer.

To obtain the software, sign in with an active link blue account, search for SigmaPlot, and locate the correct version for your computer. Click the download link to get the installer, then complete the registration form to request a UK-specific software license.


UK currently maintains a site license for this software, so usage is free for current faculty, staff, and students. User licenses must be re-registered annually.

Getting Help

For technical support with download, installation, and license renewal, please call the UKIT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357) or email helpdesk@uky.edu. Technical support staff in your college or department may also be able to assist you.

For technical support with application-specific or "how to" questions, please visit the vendor's support site to view self-help documentation and vendor contact information.

For support with statistical questions, guidance with study design or data evaluation, or software tool selection, please contact the Applied Statistics Lab in the College of Arts & Sciences to set up a consultation.

Technical Requirements

System Requirements