About SWEB

What is it?

The Student Web Server (SWEB) provides free, on-campus hosting for the University of Kentucky's student webpages.

How can I use it?

Instructors can incorporate SWEB into assignments or course projects related to web design, development, or programming. SWEB can also be used to publish student portfolios or research projects.

Currently enrolled students can use SWEB to complete and host academic web design/development projects, or for small personal websites.

The default storage for an individual SWEB account is 100 MB. SWEB is not designed for storage of files or data other than those used for website development and may NOT be used to host commercial websites.

Who can use it?

SWEB accounts are available to all current UK faculty, staff, and students.

Where is it?

SWEB file directories can be accessed at sweb.uky.edu via an SFTP, SSH, or SCP connection.

Webpages hosted on SWEB can be found at:






Getting Help

For technical support, call the APAT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357) or email helpdesk@uky.edu.

Technical Requirements

Users must have software that supports SFTP, SSH, or SCP connections to upload or download files to/from SWEB.