TurningPoint Student Information Guide


This document is for students. If you are an instructor, please see our Getting Started Tutorial.

After you've reviewed our general information about TurningPoint, here are some tips for preparing to use and using the audience response system.

Create a Turning Account

  • Create a Turning Account via the TurningPoint Module in Canvas.
    • Log into Account Registration .
    • Purchasing a clicker and license

      • Clickers and Turning Account License can be purchased from the UK Bookstores, Kennedy Bookstore or from within you Turning Account in Canvas.
      • Check your syllabi for specific requirements regarding which type of clicker you need (either RF or QT or check with your instructor if you are allowed to use your mobile device using an app instead).
      • If you already own an RF or QT device they will continue to work with TurningPoint Cloud but you still need to purchase a license and create TurningAccount
      • Turning Account - 1 Year $20.99 License only
      • Turning Account - 2 Year $31.50 License only
      • Turning Account - 4 Year $37.00 License only
      • ResponseCard RF LCD & Turning Account – 4 Year $54.99 Device and 4 Year License
      • QT Device & Turning Account - 4 Year $60.99 Device and 4 Year License
      • ResponseWare License (for use of app on mobile device) comes with all Turning Accounts
      • A $20.99 mail-in rebate will be available on all Turning Accounts or 4-Year bundle purchases. Students can find rebate information in their TurningPoint module in Canvas. (This will benefit those students who already have a ResponseCard but need to purchase a Turning Account.)

      Registering a Clicker in Canvas

      • Registration in Canvas.
      • Clickers and receivers must be on the same channel to communicate. You should only change your channel from the default setting if your instructor tell you to do so and gives you a new channel code.