The Appalachian Center for Cancer Education, Screening and Support (ACCESS) is an academic-community partnership between the University of Kentucky College of Public Health (UK) and White House Clinics (WHC), an 8-site federally qualified health center in Appalachian Kentucky. ACCESS aims to use existing primary care resources more efficiently and effectively to promote quality medical care, including cancer preventive services, to achieve gains in population health. To achieve this goal, WHC adapted and implemented the Proactive Office Encounter (POE) framework. This framework ensures that patients’ comprehensive needs are met (i.e., acute, chronic, screening/preventive, wellness), and enlists the entire healthcare team [and patients] to identify and address gaps in care. The POE framework allows for providers to develop an individually tailored, evidence-based preventive protocol for each patient interacting with the healthcare system from pre-encounter to post-encounter. The ultimate goals of POE are to increase cancer screening rates, increase performance on related HEDIS measures, increase patient/provider satisfaction, close care gaps, decrease healthcare costs, and save lives.

ACCESS is also a member of the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN), which is a national network of academic, public health, and community partners who work together to reduce the burden of cancer, especially among those disproportionately affected. ACCESS is dedicated to supporting CPCRN’s overall mission to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based cancer prevention and control in underserved communities. ACCESS is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Prevention Research Centers (Cooperative Agreement Number 5U48DP005014-03).