Office of Undergraduate Admission Main Contacts

Office Email Phone Fax
Office of Undergraduate Admission 859-257-2000 859-257-3823
Transfer Admissions 859-257-2000 859-257-3823


Admission Officers

Freshman and Non-Degree

Name Alphabetical Split (By Applicant Last Name) Email
Sharon Murphy A-Cl
Stephanie Knutson Cm-Gp
Morgan Blair Gq-K
Nathan Davis L-Ob
Miranda Rivera Oc-Sl
Adam Higginbotham Sm-Z


Transfer Students, Readmitted Students, Project Graduate Students and Veterans

Name Alphabetical Split (By Applicant Last Name) Email Phone
Savannah Grubb A-G 859-257-5458
Eugene McKnight H-O 859-218-1726
Karie Owens P-Z 859-257-3979


International Students and Permanent Residents

Name Alphabetical Split (By Applicant Last Name) Email
Patrick Justice A-L
Lindsey Shipp M-Z


Transfer Admissions

Transfer Equivalency Officers

Name Alphabetical Split (By Applicant Last Name) Email Phone
EmmaLee Spickard A-K 859-257-3382
Barbara Palmquist L-Z 859-257-9532


Transfer Advisors

Name Territory Email Phone
Kelsey Carew All BCTC campuses 859-257-2637
Cory Hershberger All out-of-state, international and readmitted students 859-257-6309
Zachary Lewis All other KCTCS campuses and all in-state four-year institutions 859-257-7595


Visitor Center

Name Title Email Phone
Taylor Blair Director 859-257-3595
Grace Johnson Associate Director 859-257-3547


"see blue." U Orientations

Name Title Email Phone
Stephen Barnett Director of Outreach and Orientation 859-257-3256



Name Title Email Phone
Jonathan Blazejewski Director of Recruitment 859-257-5091
Buzz Burnam Associate Director of Diversity Recruitment 859-323-6342
Cara Franke Associate Director of Admission, KY resident recruitment 859-257-8126
Lindsey Shokes Associate Director of Admission, non-resident recruitment 859-257-2744
Rebecca Newberry Office Manager 859-257-7151


Admission Counselors

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