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NACADA "Advising is Forever" Pocket Guide: Call for Submissions

NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising is currently seeking short story submissions for the upcoming pocket guide, "Advising is Forever: Sharing Stories to Ignite (or Reignite) Your Advising Spirit" (working title), to be published by NACADA. Details in the attached PDF here. Submission deadline is August 15, 2021.

UK Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Student Experience Opportunities

The UK Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement is excited to share three programs that provide students with potential summer and 2021-2022 academic year paid internship opportunities.

CHE Summer Classes

Seats are still available in the Department of Chemistry's 100-level summer classes if you have students who are interested.

CHE 103, 105, 107, 109, and 110

  • June 15-August 11
  • Online

CHE 111

  • June 30-August 11
  • Online

CHE 113

  • June 30-August 11
  • Hybrid
  • Limited number of seats available

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Allison Soult at

CHE 1xx Prerequisite Page

The Department of Chemistry has created a webpage which summarizes the pre-requisites (including the proposed CHE 105 and 109 pre-requisites) so students and advisors have access to all of the information in one place. Details about AP credit and bypass exams is also included at the bottom. You can find the page here and any changes will be updated there over time.

If you have any questions or see changes that need to be made, please let Dr. Allison Soult know at!

Earn a UK Digital Badge in Business

This summer, why not invest in your professional business skills and earn a badge to boost your resume? Digital badges add value to your knowledge-base and professional brand as trusted and verifiable signals of 21st-century skill development. Gatton’s badges—available to students of all majors and starting June 15—are designed to enrich your knowledge of the world of work and enhance your employability.

CHE 105 and 109 Prerequisite Updates

The Department of Chemistry is in the process of changing the pre-requisites for CHE 105 and 109, but the changes have not yet made it through the Senate. Currently, the department encourages all advisors to use the prerequisites below when helping students register for either course. Both of these changes were made based on the outcome data for students in each course.

Summer 2021 Math Course Offerings

For Summer 2021, the Math department has a variety of classes scheduled. Because planning happened before vaccines did, most of these classes will be taught online. Some classes are synchronous, and some are asynchronous.

In addition, the department expects to have three sections that will be taught by faculty in-person. They were originally created for the Summer Discovery Program, but enrollment has been opened up to ANY student who meets the prerequisites. They are:

Fall 2021 Math Online and Hybrid Courses

The Math department will be offering online and hybrid courses this fall.

The online courses below will be synchronous, taught via Zoom:
MA 111, Section 203
MA 109, Section 201
MA 123, Sections 201, 203 and 204

They will also be offering some courses where the lecture (MWF) will be taught synchronously online, but the recitations (TR) will be in-person:
MA 113, Sections 013, 014, 015 and 016
MA 123, Sections 205 and 206

Transfer Equivalency Summer Workflow Update

As summer orientation season begins, the Transfer Center would like to remind the UK advising community of several important pieces of how transfer credit is evaluated by our office.

New A&S Summer Offering: AAS/HIS 261

This course teaches African American history from Emancipation to the present—that is, since 1865. We will be guided by the theme “Meanings of Freedom” in three eras: after the end of slavery, during the long Black freedom struggle, and amidst recent change and challenges.