About the Advising Network

The UK Advising Network is an allied member of NACADA, the Global Community for Academic Advising.

For more advising information and resources visit www.nacada.ksu.edu.

Membership in the Advising Network shall be open to all individuals employed at the University of Kentucky. This includes, but is not limited to, academic advisors, faculty members, administrators, counselors, and others whose interests and work are related to academic advising.

All members of the UK community are invited to join the UK Advising Network listserv at any time during the year. To join, send a request via email to advisingnetwork@uky.edu.


Chair: Nate Hibbitts

Chair Elect: Jennifer Stevens

Past Chair: Stephen Erena

Communication Coordinator: Cory Hershberger 

Events Coordinators: Tamika Tompoulidis 

Awards Coordinator: Shaun Ketterman 

Professional Development Coordinators: Aaron Vaught and Lesley Cash 

Advancement and Development Coordinator: Mike Pirrman


University Senate Committee Representatives

Senate – Advising Committee Rep. – Bethany Fugate, 2020-2023

Senate – Advising Committee Rep. – Jamie Dunn, 2019-2022

Senate – Retroactive Withdrawal Committee – Mike Pirrman (Interim)

Senate – Undergraduate Council – Alicia Modenbach, 2018-2021 

Senate – Admissions & Academic Standards Committee – Azhar Swanson, 2018-2021