Advising Network Calendar

2019-20 General Meetings 
Friday September 20: General Meeting #1
1:30-3:00pm, 299 Gatton College of Business and Economics
Friday October  18: General Meeting #2
1:30-3:00pm, The 90 - rm 215
Wednesday December  18: Advising Network Breakfast + General Meeting #3
8:00-10:00am, ES Good Barn- Gorham Hall 8:00-10:00am
Friday January 24: General Meeting #4
1:30-3:00pm, LAW 395
Friday February 21: General Meeting #5
1:30-3:00pm, TBD 
Friday April 10 : General Meeting #6
1:30-3:00pm, TBD
  Friday May 1 (TBD): Ken Freedman Day of Recognition
If you would like to present at one of the meetings, please contact Stephen Erena, Chair of the Advising Network, at