Transfer Equivalency Summer Workflow Update

As summer orientation season begins, the Transfer Center would like to remind the UK advising community of several important pieces of how transfer credit is evaluated by our office.

If a student's official UK transcript has a NEEDEVAL as a transfer equivalency, the Transfer Equivalency Officers are actively working with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies across campus to determine an equivalency for those classes; nothing else is required on the student's part. If the transfer equivalency reads as a NEEDSYLL, a syllabus for the course is required before we can establish an equivalency. Please have students send syllabi to and the Transfer Equivalency Officers will take it from there.

If current UK students are looking to take classes at another institution and transfer them back to UK, please have them check our online equivalency database here first to determine if the course has already been equated. If it has not, please have the student fill out the Current Student Transfer Equivalency Request form online here. Our Transfer Equivalency Officers will work to equate the course from there to ensure that students know how courses will transfer before taking them at other institutions. Students do not need to fill out this form for NEEDEVALs that are currently on their UK student record; that equivalency is already in progress and will be updated as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of our transfer students at UK, and please don't hesitate to email the Transfer Center at with any questions!