Celebrating A&S AweSomeness

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 2, 2010) - The University of Kentucky's College of Arts and Sciences is the largest on campus, encompassing departments from English and Earth Sciences, to Sociology and Statistics.


To broaden the horizons of liberal arts students, UK's campus and the city of Lexington, the college will celebrate its seventh annual Arts and Sciences Week this year from April 5 to 9.


"The week is meant to be a celebration of the arts and the sciences and to showcase the talents, teaching and research being done by the college and its students," said A&S Director of External Relations Jennifer Allen.


"You don't necessarily get to see what physics professors are doing if you're an English major," said senior political science major and A&S student ambassador Falon Thacker. "Students should really take advantage of this great opportunity."


Events include an Arts vs. Sciences dodge ball competition, forums on Education Abroad and careers in health care, as well as student and faculty research demonstrations.


Many activities will appeal to the general public as well; the departments of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy promise exhibitions including levitating pie pans, explosions and electric pickles!


"AweSome Week is a rare opportunity to see the many parts of a liberal arts education," said Thacker. "A lot of our faculty participate and show students what they do outside of the classroom. I believe that most people would be surprised how awesome (no pun intended) some of the things they do really are."


History professor and Appalachian region expert Ronald Eller is the week's keynote speaker this year.


"I am most looking forward to Dr. Eller’s Speech on 'Stereotypes and Inequalities: Hillbillies, Horses and Hoops,'" said senior biology major and student ambassador Mary Beth Johnson. "I'm curious to see what he discusses concerning 'hillbillies' after growing up in Eastern Kentucky all of my life."


The A&S Week Schedule is as follows:


April 5

ROTC Run/Walk with the Dean

6 a.m., Buell Armory

3 mile run or 1.5 mile walk

"Get your day off to an AweSome start and join other Arts and Sciences students, faculty and staff with the ROTC Fun Run/Walk with Dean."


AweSome Week Kick-off

noon, POT Quad, 209 Main (Rain Location)

"Come celebrate the beginning of AweSome Week with free food, t-shirts and other prizes!"


Arts v. Sciences Game

6 p.m., Seaton Center

"Who’s got the most skill, Arts or Sciences? Join or watch students and faculty compete in dodge ball, kick ball and volleyball!"


April 6

Pre-Health Forum

4 p.m., 205 Student Center

"Are you interested in a career in the area of medicine and public health? Come get advice from advisors and admissions counselors for these programs!"


Origami Workshop

6 p.m., 137 Chemistry-Physics

"Learn about the Japanese art of paper-folding and how to do it yourself!"


April 7

Education Abroad Forum

11 a.m., 230 Student Center

"Learn about all the benefits of the wonderful experience of studying abroad. You can gain so much from it regardless of your major!"


Mathematics of Juggling

5 p.m., 118 White Hall Classroom Building  (We will move to POT courtyard for fire batons)


Ron Eller Keynote Speech

7 p.m., 209 Main

"Stereotypes and Inequalities: Hillbillies, Horses, and Hoops"


Physics Spectacular

7 p.m., 155 Chemistry-Physics

"Huge sparks! Levitating pie pans! Smoke rings! Glowing gases!"


April 8

Tri-Beta/SACCS Showcase

11 a.m., 137 Chemistry-Physics

"Biology and chemistry students and faculty will show you what excites them about the world!"


Faculty Research Showcase

4 p.m., 211 Student Center

"Opportunities in Undergraduate Research"


Sky Talk

8 p.m., 155 Chemistry-Physics

"Students for the Exploration & Development of Space"


April 9

Chemical Reaction/Attraction

7 p.m., 139 Chemistry-Physics

"Elephant toothpaste! Spontaneous combustion! Explosions large and small! The famous electric pickle! The Chernobyl reaction!"


"I believe that each person can find at least one event he or she can enjoy," said Johnson.


There's something for everyone during A&S week, but the most important question for students is the dodge ball winner.


Both Johnson and Thacker are for the Sciences, "But if this plays out anything like the NCAA 2010 Men’s Basketball tournament, the underdog team could win," Johnson warned.  "Either way, what student wouldn't love to get the opportunity to hit your professor with a dodge ball?" said Thacker.


For more information, check out: www.as.uky.edu/a&sweek.