About Us

What We Do

Auxiliary Services contributes to the overall mission of the University of Kentucky by providing value-added services that foster personal, professional, and academic growth for students, staff, and faculty. 
Services include: 
  • Managing contracts and business partner relationships including housing, dining, bookstore, Greek organizations, cell towers and numerous others 
  • Providing and managing housing for undergraduate and single graduates and families.
  • Processing and delivering mail to all University departments and students 
  • Facilitating the bookstore partnerships which oversees the textbook adoption process and other course materials for the University’s undergraduate and graduate courses 
  • Providing a 24/7 customer support related to housing maintenance and custodial issues as well as the Internet connections in on-campus housing 
  • Managing a 24/7, 365-day call center for all students in undergraduate housing and graduate/family housing 
  • Providing KRONOS support for Auxiliary Services, Physical Plant, Transportation and Communications 
  • Managing the Plus Account for students, faculty and staff with over 150 retail operations on and off campus  
  • Organizing and implementing Fall Move-In to welcome students into the residence halls
  • Managing the College Business Management Institute (CBMI)
  • Providing a variety of other services that enhance the campus experience.


Our Mission

"The mission of Auxiliary Services is to provide a variety of services that support a living and learning environment fostering personal, professional, and academic growth for the University community."


Our Vision

"Support the University's vision to help transform the lives of our students, staff, and faculty, and advance the Commonwealth we serve --and beyond--by providing high-quality services and facilities, efficient and cost-effective processes, top-quality customer service, and a qualified and diverse personnel."

Strategic Plan


Goal #1: Customer Perspective
Provide quality goods and services at market competitive prices that meet customers' needs and exceed their expectations.
Action Step 1: Develop strategic marketing and communications plan to promote Auxiliary Services to internal and external markets. 
Action Step 2: Optimize existing programs to achieve higher standards of excellence and innovation. 
Action Step 3: Identify opportunities for collaboration with campus departments. 
Action Step 4: Develop and implement customer satisfaction surveys.
Action Step 5: Review results from customer satisfaction surveys and implement improvements.
Action Step 6: Active promote and increase awareness of services provided by Auxiliary Services.
Action Step 7: Continue to develop collaborations and strategic partnerships that engage the UK community and increase brand affinity. 
Goal #2: Internal Processes
Improve and streamline performance to create more efficient and effective processes and services. 
Action Step 1: Continue to adopt state-of-the-art technologies to enhance efficiency and better serve students and faculty.
Action Step 2: Strengthen and improve internal processes to minimize expenses and maximize effectiveness.
Action Step 3: Analyze staffing resources and align to leverage expertise and increase efficiency. 
Action Step 4: Align and leverage resources with goals and strategic plan. 
Action Step 5: Implement processes designed to improve the management of financial resources. 
Action Step 6: Enhance utilization of business partners and/or other campus/community partnerships.
Goal #3: Learning and Growth
Create a respectful and inclusive workplace that supports the recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining of exceptional employees. 
Action Step 1: Implement strategies designed to improve employee performance and satisfaction.  
Action Step 2: Review training requirements necessary for each position and ensure all employees have training appropriate for their role in Auxiliary Services. 
Action Step 3: Identify and implement opportunities for professional development. 
Action Step 4: Continue to provide student employment, internships, and an annual commitment to fund scholarships and student support services.