About BAE

Message from Our Chair

Mike Montross, Ph.D., P.E.Welcome to the University of Kentucky's Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering website.

As you peruse our website, you will see that BAE is a dynamic team, committed to sustained high quality programs in instruction, cooperative extension and research.

If you see something in our research which piques your curiosity, if you are interested in our degree programs, or if our cooperative extension specialists may be of help, please contact us.

On behalf of all the faculty, students, and staff of BAE, welcome to UK's BAE Department!


Mike Montross, Ph.D., P.E.

Our Mission: Serve and benefit the people of Kentucky and beyond through learning, discovery, and engagement in engineering for food, energy, agricultural, biological, and environmental systems

Our Vision: Be recognized and valued as:

A critical information source to clientele because we:

  -  are the primary source of engineering expertise for solving contemporary problems of vital social and economic importance to the state and beyond;

  -  are responsive to clientele needs;

  -  are catalysts for positive, innovative technological change; and

  -  strive to enhance the quality of life for our citizens.

A leader because we:

  -  develop and disseminate relevant engineering knowledge;

  -  utilize multidisciplinary and multi-institutional team approaches to problem-solving; and

  -  design and implement cutting-edge undergraduate and graduate instructional programs.

A role model for all similar programs because we:

  -  achieve excellence and balance in our instructional, research, and extension programs; and

  -  value faculty, staff and students who work cooperatively to foster excellence.