Calculators and Tools

This list of calculators and tools below are provided for landowners and farmers to assist with their planning needs. If you know of another calculator or tool that would be useful to others, please let us know so we can make it available to others.

If you have a comment, suggestion, or concern about the Nutrient Management Calculator, please email or call 859-218-4327. Please note that you must enable macros after you download the tool.


Water Harvesting (Excel spreadsheet)

Composting Calculator 7 (Excel spreadsheet)

Graze Tools 2 (Excel spreadsheet)

Nutrient Management Calculator (Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled Workbook)  
    Worksheet 1 – Estimating Nutrients Generated  
        Solids Example (PDF)
        Liquids Example (PDF)

        Solids (PDF)
        Liquids (PDF)

    Worksheet 2 – Nutrient Balance
        Solids (PDF)
        Liquids (PDF)

    Worksheet 3 – Application Rates and Land Requirements (PDF)

Land Control Certification (PDF)

Sediment Pond Sizing (Excel)