Many urban homeowners are not sure what to do about the stream in their backyard. Who owns it? How can I take care of it? What plants are good for my streambanks? These common questions lead to some confusing answers. This website is designed to help homeowners to backyard streams appreciate this resource, protect personal property, and improve water quality and habitat.

Interested in becoming a Certified Backyard Stream Steward? This online course is comprised on 12 modules designed to help homeowners understand how to protect and manage their backyard streams. Learn how fundamental stream processes are related to channel shape, how stormwater impacts stream ecosystems, why stream beds and banks erode, what methods can protect and restore stream ecosystems, what permits are required to restore streams, how karst landscapes influence streams, and how to begin a watershed assessment.

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Interested in learning more but not ready for the online course? Use the links below to access relevant publications and webinars.

Have questions or comments about backyard streams? Please reach out to Amanda Gumbert, Ph.D. (amanda.gumbert@uky.edu) and Carmen Agouridis, Ph.D., P.E., M.P.P. (carmen.agouridis@uky.edu).