BAE faculty, staff, and students well represented at ASABE annual meeting

The Department was well represented at the annual ASABE meeting, held in Orlando this summer. Here are highlights of the Orlando event:

Department Chair Dr. Sue Nokes, Ph.D., PE, was named an ASABE fellow.

Dr. Alicia Modenbach received the Gale A. Holloway Professional Development award.

Dr. Joseph Dvorak and former undergraduate Luke Bryant writers received a Superior Paper award for "An Optical Sprayer Nozzle Flow Rate Sensor."

Dr. Michael P. Sama (co-author), with Dr. Joe Luck (lead author, University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Dr. Santosh Pitla (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and former UK BAE Department Chair Dr. Scott Shearer (Ohio State University), received a Superior Paper award for "Development and Testing of an Individual Nozzle Direct Injection Pesticide Delivery System."

Dr. Carmen Agouridis, Dr. Fouad Jaber (Texas A&M University) and Ruth Book (USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service), received a Standards Development award for ASAE S526.4 SEP2015, Soil and Water Terminology.

Drs. Timothy Stombaugh and Slava  Adamchuk (McGill University), received a Standards Development award for ASABE/ISO 12188-2:2013, Positioning and guidance systems in ag  Part 2: Testing satellite-based auto-guidance systems.

Sam Austen, Vanya Bistrekova, and Tahnee Qualls garnered a first place in showing in the G.B. Gunlogson Student Environmental Design Competition (Open Competition). (Team member Shane Worley did not attend the conference.)

BAE alum Dr. Santosh Pitla (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) received the Sunkist Young Designer award.

Dr. Nokes will serve as Treasurer for the Board of Trustees; Dr. Modenbach will serve as Council Chair for Membership Development.

Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, Continuing Ed, and Invited Speakers follow.


Oral Presentations

Akinbode A. Adedeji, Acoustic emission technique for detection of Codling moth infested apples (N. Ekramirad, A. Rady, M. Li, A.A. Adedeji, R. Alimardani, A. Patwardham)

Carmen T. Agouridis, Teaching Engineering and Science Using a Project-Based Service-Learning Format (C.T. Agouridis)

Czarena Crofcheck, The Influence of Media Ingredients and pH on the Growth of Chloromonas rosae var. psychrophila (C. Crofcheck, C. Zheng, A. Shea, M. Crocker)

Lalitendu Das, Catalytic oxidation of lignin in ionic liquids (L. Das, J. Shi)

Amanda Hickman, The Effect of Substrate Density on Biological Pretreatment (A. Hickman, S. Nokes)

Joshua J. Jackson, Distributed preprocessing of corn stover into either a densified liquid or solid fuel: a GIS case study (J.J. Jackson, M.D. Montross)

Enshi Liu, Fractionation and characterization of lignin streams from pretreatment of engineered switchgrass (E. Liu, M. Kulshrestha, T. Morgan, B. Zhao, M. Crocker, J. Shi)

Fred Payne, Temperature Correction Methodology for Fluorescence Measurement of Proteins  (F. Payne, M.P. Sama)

Ahmed Rady, Application of Hyperspectral Imaging Technique to Detect Adulteration in Processed Meats (A. Rady, A.A. Adedeji)

Ahmed Rady, Hyperspectral Imaging for Detection of Codling Moth Infestation and Prediction of Quality in Gold-Rush Apples (N. Ekramirad, A. Rady, A.A. Adedeji, R. Alimardani, R. Bessin, J. Strang)

Michael P. Sama (co-author), Development and Testing of an Individual Nozzle Direct Injection Pesticide Delivery System, (J.D. Luck [lead author], M.P. Sama, S. Shearer)

Michael P. Sama, Instrumentation for Engineering Research and Control of Off-Road Vehicles at the University of Kentucky (M.P. Sama)

Hasan Seyyedhasani, “Comparison of traditional path assignment for multiple vehicles with computer generated one in agricultural field context” (H. Seyyedhasani, J. Dvorak)

Manjot Singh, Physicochemical and functional properties of Proso millet starch (M. Singh, A.A. Adedeji)

Timothy Stombaugh, Development of a Hemp Flower Harvester (T. Stombaugh, W. Adams)

Aaron P. Turner, Tracking Grain Trucks Using a Fleet Management System (A.P. Turner, M.D. Montross, J. Dvorak, M.P. Sama)


Poster Presentations

Carmen T. Agouridis, Long-Term Effects of Forestry Best Management Practices on Hydrology and Water Chemistry in Three Appalachian Headwater Catchments (K. Wright, C.T. Agouridis, C. Barton)

Emma K. Benedict, As-Applied Estimation of Volumetric Flow Rate Distribution from a Spray Nozzle using Liquid Mass on a Target (E.K. Benedict, M.P. Sama, A. Turner)

Ashlan Berry, Bankfull Regional Curves and Hydraulic Geometry Curves for the Eastern Kentucky Coalfields (A. Berry, C.T. Agouridis)

Somsubhra Chattopadhyay, Spatiotemporal variability of extreme precipitation events in the Kentucky River Basin (S. Chattopadhyay, D. Edwards)

Ulalo Chirwa, Bioprocessing of Soybean Processing Waste for Bacterial Biocontrol Agents (U. Chirwa, E. Liu, J. Shi)

Joseph Dvorak, Simple Field Logistics Simulation Comparing Field Efficiencies and Field Capacities between Larger and Smaller Equipment (J. Dvorak, H. Seyyedhasani)

Amanda Hickman, Pretreatment Effectiveness of Phanerochaete chrysosporium on Switchgrass as a Function of Incubation Time and Pretreatment Pass Number (B. Carey, A. Hickman, W. Sympson, S. Nokes)

Joseph Rounsaville, System Power requirements for a Fully Electric Drivetrain in Ag (J. Rounsaville, J. Dvorak)


Invited Speakers and Continuing Ed

Assistant Professor Joe Dvorak, PE, and Joshua McGrath were invited speakers during the Marvin Stone Memorial Session on Agricultural Electronics. Dr. Dvorak addressed "Marvin Stone: Colleague and Mentor." Joshua McGrath addressed "Status and Future of Read-Time Sensing in Crop Production.”

Dr. Dvorak also led a continuing professional development program, “Designing agricultural applications for hand-held mobile applications.”