Undergraduate Biosystems Engineering Degree Courses: Required and Core Classes


Required Courses

The following courses are required for every BAE student. These are the courses that define what a BAE student is at UK.

BAE 102 Introduction to Biosystems Engineering (1)

An introduction to the engineering of food and fibers, production and processing systems. Professionalism and the engineering approach to problem solving will be emphasized.

BAE 103 Energy in Biological Systems (2)

This course introduces the concepts of energy transport in biological systems including the study of thermodynamics, heat transfer, psychometrics, and fluid flow. Prereq. or concurrent: MA 113.

BAE 201 Economic Analysis for Biosystems (2)

The financial and managerial aspects of biosystems in evaluating design alternatives. Typical topics included are: concepts of present and future value, techniques of managerial economics, and biosystem design analysis in the evaluation of alternatives. Retirement/replacement policies and risk analysis. Prereq: MA 113.

BAE 202 Statistical Inferences for Biosystems Engineering (3)

Introduction to biosystems engineering; engineering problem solving; computer applications and structured programming; probability; and statistics. Emphasis on application of these skills to biosystems applications. Lecture, two hours, laboratory, two hours per week. Prereq: MA 113 and sophomore standing.

BAE 305 DC Circuits and Microelectronics (3)

An introduction to the use of digital electronics and integrated circuits in solving biosystems engineering problems. Digital circuits, microprocessor concepts, computer interfacing, transducers, signal conditioning and control applications are discussed. Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours per week. Prereq: EE 305 or EE 306.

BAE 400 Senior Seminar (1)

A course for senior students in biosystems engineering with emphasis on oral communications skills. Students will do literature searches on topics related to the biosystems engineering profession and present oral and written reports. Prereq: Senior standing in BAE and COM 199.

BAE 402 Biosystems Engineering Design I (2)

A design course for seniors in BAE requiring students to solve open-ended problems. Students will use previously learned engineering principles to produce actual designs which will be built and analyzed in BAE 403. Prereq: Engineering standing in BAE or consent of instructor.

BAE 403 Biosystems Engineering Design II (2)

Student design teams evaluate and enhance design solutions, fabricate prototypes, execute performance tests, analyze results, and develop final design specifications. Oral and written reports are required. Prereq: BAE 402.

Core Courses

Every BAE student must take three of the four core courses listed below.

BAE 417 Design of Machine Systems (3)

A study of the operational characteristics and design features associated with production and processing equipment for food and fiber products and an introduction to conceptualization, analysis, and design of these systems. Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours per week. Prereq: ME 330 or CE 341, EM 302; prereq or concur: EM 31.

BAE 427 Structures and Environment Engineering (3)

This course teaches load estimate for light timber and concrete structures and introduces the design of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in these structures. Prereq: CE 341 or ME 330; BIO 148 and 152; prereq or concur: EM 313.

BAE 437 Land and Water Resources Engineering (3)

The hydrologic cycle is studied and design procedures are developed for flood control structures, water table management, wetlands, irrigation, and erosion control systems. Prereq: CE 341 or ME 330; BIO 148 and BIO 152.

BAE 447 Bioprocess Engineering Fundamentals (3)

Design principles and equipment selection for the most common processing operations are studied for the manufacturing and preservation of biological materials. Topics will include the design of fluid flow systems, transient heat transfer, heat exchangers, psychometrics, and refrigeration. Prereq: BIO 148 and BIO 152; prereq or concur with ME 325.

The undergraduate Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012. Telephone: (410) 347-7700.