Cane Run Creek on Spindletop Farm. - Fayette/Lexington, KY. Photo by Matt Barton.

My current research area is in watershed-scale water quality assessment of natural and managed ecosystems. Specifically, my interests include study of (1) biogeochemical and physical processes impacting nutrient source fate and transport in streams and wetlands, (2) surface and subsurface nutrient runoff at the edge-of-field (EOF)in agroecosystems, and (3) quantifying the impact of management and restoration on nutrient cycling.  My research methods include field and laboratory experimentation and monitoring utilizing the most up-to-date stable isotope tracer and nutrient sensing technology.  I commonly employ analytical methods such as time series analysis, and numerical modeling. Deterministic watershed modeling is emphasized in my research program and incorporates development, application, and model performance evaluation to constrain uncertainties in estimating complex processes governing nutrient fluxes.  The models serve as a tool for analysis of climate, land-use, and management/restoration scenarios.  

Keywords:  Watershed, Edge-of-Field, Modeling, Nutrient Fate and Transport, Stable Isotopes