Sama part of $6 million NSF grant to develop weather research UAS

Michael Sama, Ph.D., P.E., is part of a group of researchers who have received a $6 million grant from NSF to study atmopsheric physics for improved precision agriculture and weather forecasting. Read the full news story, "NSF Awards $6 Million to UK and Three Partner Schools to Develop Weather Research Drones," at UK NOW

McNeill receives ASABE Blue Ribbon Award

Samuel McNeill, Ph.D., P.E., received an Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award for “Technical Assistance Program on Commodity Protection and Stored Grain Management in Nigeria.” Co-authors  are K. Ileleji and G. Opit. Read the ASABE press release here.

BAE busy at ASABE yearly meeting in New Orleans

The 2015 ASABE 2015 Annual International Meeting, held in New Orleans from July 26-29, recently concluded, and as usual, it provided an important opportunity for professional development. BAE faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and alumni were kept busy at the yearly conference — receiving awards, presenting posters, giving presentations, and moderating panels. Following is a list of BAE awards, presentations, and posters.

Stombaugh receives ASABE Blue Ribbon Award

Tim Stombaugh, Ph.D., P.E., received a Blue Ribbon Award for his submission "Technology to Improve Sprayer Accuracy" at the 2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting in the medium-length paper (9-16 pages) category. These awards annually recognize outstanding effort and achievement in developing noteworthy educational materials. Entries can be submitted under two general classifications of (a) public service or (b) private industry, and they are categorized in seven areas of subject matter. Stombaugh also received a Superior Paper Award for a paper submitted with co-author Mike Sama.