Join us for E-Day this Saturday

Engineers Day, or E-Day, is an outreach program that celebrates the things that engineers do to make our world work, from building bridges to discovering new medications to writing the software that powers our cell phones. Perfect for school-aged children through high school, E-Day offers over 150 exhibits, contests, and demonstrations. 

Day, Smith, and Wells enjoy long partnership with Philip Morris

One part of BAE's display at the upcoming National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., an event that Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering started 50 years ago, is part of a large tobacco segmenter built as a research project by George Day, Ph.D., Larry Wells, Ph.D., and Tim Smith, and funded by Philip Morris.

BAE and NFMS celebrate 50 years

The Department's involvement in the National Farm Machinery Show has reached an impressive 50-year milestone. Read the CAFE story,, and watch the video, featuring former Chair Blaine Parker and Carl King, about the beginnings of the show 50 years ago and its evolution into the international show it is now.

Graduate Student Recruitment Event held February 6-7

The annual graduate student recruitment event began Thursday when prospective out-of-town students arrived in Lexington. This year, five external and five internal students participated in the event.