Modenbach receives ASABE's Gale A. Holloway Award

Engineer Associate for Academics Dr. Alicia Modenbach, Ph.D., EIT, a master's and doctoral student and now staff member in the department, received the prestigious Gale A. Holloway Professional Development Award at the ASABE annual meeting in Orlando. “She has shown her dedication and support for ASABE throughout her journey as a biological engineer, taking on leadership roles as an undergraduate and graduate student and continuing on into her post graduate career," Dr. Crofcheck, BAE's Director of Undergraduate Studies, said. 

Nokes named ASABE Fellow


BAE Department Chair and Professor Sue E. Nokes, PE, was named an ASABE Fellow at the organization's 2016 Annual International Meeting in Orlando. ASABE defines a Fellow as a member of unusual professional distinction, with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in, or related to, the field of agricultural, food, or biological systems engineering. This is ASABE’s highest honor. 

BAE sophomore receives award to research the production of biocontrol agents from soybean wastes

Ulalo, Chirwa, a sophomore in BAE

Ulalo Chirwa, a sophomore in BAE, has received a Kentucky NSF EPSCoR Research Scholars Award. With his faculty advisory, Assistant Professor Jian Shi, Ph.D., Ulalo will investigate the propagation and sporulation of Bacillus and Streptomyces (potential biocontrol agents) using soybean processing byproducts as substrates.