Service Courses for Non-engineering Majors


AEN 103 Basic Principles of Surveying (2)

General use of surveying equipment, development of topographic maps, layout of engineering systems, earthwork computations, and introduction to boundary surveys for Agriculture students. This course is not available for credit to persons who have received credit in another introductory surveying course. Lecture, one hour; laboratory, three hours per week. Prereq: A course in trigonometry, enrollment in the College of Agriculture and/or consent of instructor.

AEN 220 Farm Tractors and Engines (3)

Principles of selection and application of farm tractors and engines. Operation and principles of internal combustion engines including carburetion, fuel injection, ignition, and lubrication. Power transmission application and efficiency are considered. Lecture, two hours per week; laboratory, two hours per week.

AEN 252 Farm Shop (3)

Wood and metal work, including blueprint reading, oxyacetylene and arc welding, power woodworking tools, soldering and pipe work. Lecture, one hour; laboratory, four hours. Prereq: Major in agricultural education or consent from instructor.

AEN 340 Principles of Food Engineering (4)

The functional requirements and principles of operation of systems for the handling and processing of food and agricultural products. Lecture, three hours; laboratory, two hours per week. Prereq: Junior standing and completion of mathematics requirement in Food Science curriculum.

AEN 461G Biometeorology (3)

An introduction to the impact and relationship of the atmosphere on living organisms. Emphasis on the practical application of meteorology to everyday problems within the biosphere. Weather analysis, interpretation, psychometrics of the atmosphere, and the impact of weather and climate on animals, plants and man are discussed. Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours per week. Prereq: BIO 150 and STA 291 or consent of instructor.

AEN 462 Residential and Commercial Irrigation Design (3)

The utilization of hydraulic principles in the design, assimilation, installation and operation of residential and commercial irrigation systems in applications which emphasize water conservation, nutrient management and environmental protection. Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours per week. Prereq: Consent of instructor.

AEN 463G Agricultural Safety and Health (3)

The course provides a comprehensive overview of major safety and health hazards in agricultural production and an overview of the basic approaches for the prevention and control of agricultural injuries and illnesses. The course is oriented toward upper class and graduate students. Prereq: AEN 220, AEN 252, and junior standing or consent of instructor.

AEN 767 Dissertation Residency Credit (2)

Residency credit for dissertation research after the qualifying examination. Students may register for this course in the semester of the qualifying examination. Aminimum of two semesters are required as well as continuous enrollment (Fall and Spring) until the dissertation is completed an defended.