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Feb 2019: Makua, Wenqi and Ryan had drawn a crowd by demonstrating their lignin based carbon and hydrogel material projects at the UKY Engineering Day (E-day)… >>Details

Jan 2019: Shi Lab part of the UK Sustainability Challenge grant to convert Kentucky’s bourbon industry residues (corn stover and spent grains) to value-added products… >>Details

Jan 2019: Check our new publication on antimicrobial hydrogels derived from lignocellulosic biomass appearing in Industrial Crops and Products  >>Details

Jan 2019: Shi Lab welcomes new MS student Makua Vin-Nnajiofor (joined spring 2019) and new PhD student Can Liu (joined fall 2018)

Dec 2018: Check our new publication on fractionation and characterization of lignin streams from unique high-lignin content endocarp feedstocks appearing in Biotechnology for Biofuels  >>Details

Nov 2018: Wenqi Li, Joe Stevens and Ryan Kalinoski from Shi Lab presented talks at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting at Pittsburg, PA  >>Details

Nov 2018: Check our new publication on linking lignin source with structural and electrochemical properties of lignin-derived carbon materials appearing in RSC Advances  >>Details

Oct 2018: Shi Lab welcomes Kristian Bolden and Jonathan Lott, both high school seniors from Carter G. Woodson Academy, Lexington. Kristian and Jonathan will work on antioxidant fermentation from cellulosic biomass and explore its application to extend produce shelf-lifeThe team will then compare application of biomass derived antioxidant with a customized pulsed Ultraviolet (UV) system to treat fruits and vegetables, a device previously built in Dr. Bode's Lab.

Sept 2018: Abby Olaleye received a KY NSF EPSCoR Research Scholars Program (RSP) Award to investigate new ways to produce crop yield enhancer/bio-fertilizer from food wastes. The award also supports her travel to a professional conference. 

Aug 2018: Joe Stevens received a prestigious Chateaubriand/MOPGA fellowship (one of the 30 recipients nationwide). The fellowship will sponsor his 9-month research project at the Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes Biologiques et des Procédés (LISBP), French National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA)  >>Details

July 2018: Ryan Kalinosi and Wenqi Li won 1st and 2nd place Boyd-Scott Graduate Research Award under PhD category. This award recognizes excellence in graduate student research, which is honored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).  >>Details

July 2018: Wenqi Li, Ryan Kalinoski and Sandra Lee from Shi Lab presented talks and posters at the 2018 ASABE Annual International Meeting at Detroit, MI  >>Details

June 2018: Check our new publication on catalytic transfer hydrogenolysis of deep eutectic solvent extracted sorghum lignin to phenolic compounds appearing in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering  >>Details

June 2018: Shi Lab welcomes UG summer interns: Alex Espinosa, Truc Nguyen, Abby Olaleye, and Jameson Hunter. 

May 2018: Shi Lab received a grant from USDA-NIFA to develop lignin-silicon nanocomposite materials for next generation batteries >>Details

May 2018: Luke Dodge (the second Shi Lab graduate), earned a M.S. degree in Biosystems Engineering. Congratulations! >>Details

April 2018: Chemical Engineering Sophomores David Jenkins and Andrew Lin conducted research at Shi lab and presented a poster of their research findings at the 2018 Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars >>Details

April 2018: Check our new publication on lignin fractionation and characterization from engineered switchgrass treated by an aqueous ionic liquid​ appearing in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering  >>Details

April 2018: Members from Shi Lab presented talks and posters at the 40th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals at Clearwater, FL.

March 2018: Makua Vin-Nnajiofor and Luke Dodge presented posters at the 255th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, New Orleans, LA.

March 2018: Check out a video clip on YouTube featuring our lignin research. >> Details

March 2018: Members from Shi Lab attended the 2018 KY-LSU EPSCoR Track II 2nd Annual Joint Conference and toured LSU/Ag center at Barton Rouge, LA.

Feb 2018: Joe Stevens, Ryan Kalinoski, Makua Vin-Nnajiofor, Wenqi Li and Lalitendu Das presented posters at the Super Collider Conference organized by KY NSF EPSCoR.  >>Details

Dec 2017:  Joe Stevens and Wenqi Li participated 7th Annual Sustainability Forum at UKY.

Nov 2017: Members from Shi Lab presented talks at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting at Minneapolis, MN.

Nov 2017:  Members from Shi Lab presented an invited talk on IL-based lignin biocatalysis at the 2017 American Chemical Society Southeastern Regional Meeting at Charlotte, NC.

Sept 2017:  Makua Vin-Nnajiofor received a KY NSF EPSCoR Research Scholars Program (RSP) Award to investigate new ways to produce high-value carotenoids from biorefinery waste streams.

Aug 2017: Check our new publication for a comparative study of ionic liquid, dilute acid, and ammonium hydroxide pretreatment of engineered switchgrass appearing in BioEnergy Research  >>Details

Aug 2017: Members from Shi Lab attended the 2017 KY-LSU EPSCoR Track II First Annual Joint Conference and toured Buffalo Trace Distillery at Frankfort, KY.

Aug 2017: Shi Lab received a grant from Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation (KSEF) to develop bioderived lipo-chitooligosaccharide (LCO) as crop yield enhancer from sweet sorghum bagasse >>Details

Aug 2017: Check our new publication for a combined experimental, agronomic and economic analysis of industrial hemp based fuels and bioproducts on Bioresource Technology  >>Details

July 2017: Wenqi Li, Ryan Kalinoski and Lalitendu Das from Shi Lab presented talks and posters at the 2017 ASABE Annual International Meeting at Spokane, WA  >>Details

July 2017: Check our new publication about lignin catalysis in ionic liquid on Frontier in Energy Research.  >>Details

June 2017: Joe Stevens won a pechakucha presentation challenge, that earned him the opportunity to travel to Missoula to compete against other students at the National EPSCoR Conference!  >>Details

May 2017: Members from Shi Lab presented talks and posters at the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE3) workshop at Louisville, KY  >>Details

May 2017: Enshi Liu, the first Shi Lab graduate, earned a M.S. degree in Biosystems Engineering. Congratulations!  >>Details

May 2017: Members from Shi Lab presented talks and posters at the Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals at San Francisco, CA 

Feb 2017: Ulalo Chirwa, Enshi Liu, and Lalitendu Das won Best Poster Awards at the Super Collider Conference organized by KY NSF EPSCoR.  >>Details

Jan 2017: Read a recent blog entry "Finding a sustainable way to produce fuels and chemicals from plants" featuring Enshi Liu's research experiences as a graduate student at BAE department.

Dec 2016: Areej Saeed won the 2016 Oswald Research and Creativity Competition for undergraduates, 2nd place under Physical and Engineering Sciences category.  >>Details

Nov 2016: Enshi Liu received 2nd place poster award at 2016 Frontiers in Biorefining Conference.    >>Details

Oct 2016: Enshi Liu received travel award sponsored by NSF to present his research at 2016 Frontiers in Biorefining Conference.  >>Details

Sept 2016: Check out our new publication about cellulase/substrate interactions on Biotechnology & Bioengineering>>Details

Sept 2016: Shi Lab part of the NSF grant to study lignin based chemicals and materials for applications in food, energy and water systems… >>Details

Aug 2016: Welcome new graduate students!  >>Details

July 2016: Check out our new publication about lignin deconstruction on Green Chemistry as back cover…>>Details

July 2016: Sandra Lee joined as visiting students from Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences.

July 2016: Xiao Chen and Siquan Xu joined as visiting students from Nanjing Forestry University and Henan Agricultural University.

June 2016: Ulalo Chirwa received a Kentucky NSF EPSCoR Research Scholars Award to investigate ways to produce biocontrol agents from cheap, renewable resources… >>Details

March 2016: Areej Saeed joined as undergraduate intern. She will work on hemp based biofuels.


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