Engineering Degree Timeline & Requirements

The following curriculum meets the requirements for a B.S. in Biosystems Engineering, provided the student satisfies the graduation requirements (see UK Bulletin/Course Catalog).

Freshman Year- 1st Semester

BAE 102 Introduction to Biosystems Engineering (1hr)
MA 113 Calculus I (4hrs)
CHE 105 General College Chemistry I (4hrs)
UK Core (Composition and Comm I) (3hrs)
UK Core (3hrs)

Freshman Year- 2nd Semester 

BAE 103 Energy in Biological Systems (2hrs)
CHE 107 General College Chemistry II (3hrs)
MA 114 Calculus II (4hrs)
CE 106 Computer Graphics and Communication (3hrs)
UK Core (Composition and Comm II) (3hrs)
UK Core (3hrs)

Sophomore Year- 1st Semester 

BAE 201 Economic Analysis for Biosystems (2hrs)
PHY 231 General University Physics (4hrs)
PHY 241 General University Physics Laboratory (1hr)
BIO 150 Principles of Biology I (3hrs)
MA 213 Calculus III (4hrs)
CS 221 First Course in Computer Science for Engineers (2hrs)

Sophomore Year- 2nd Semester 

BAE 202 Statistical Inferences for Biosystems Engineering (3hrs)
PHY 232 General University Physics (4hrs)
PHY 242 General University Physics Laboratory (1hr)
EM 221 Statics (3hrs)
ME 220 Engineering Thermodynamics I (3hrs)
MA 214 Calculus IV (3hrs)

Junior Year- 1st Semester

CE 341 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics I (4hrs)
BIO 152 Principles of Biology II (3hrs)
EM 302 Mechanics of Deformable Solids (3hrs)
EE 305 Electrical Circuits and Electronics (3hrs)
EM 313 Dynamics (3hrs)
Technical Elective* (3hrs)

Junior Year- 2nd Semester

BAE 305 DC Circuits and Microelectronics (3hrs)
ME 325 Heat Transfer (3hrs)
Bio Sci Elective (3hrs)
Core** or Tech Elective* (3hrs)
EM 302 Mechanics of Deformable Solids (3hrs)
UK Core (3hrs)

Senior Year- 1st Semester

BAE 400 Senior Seminar (1hr)
BAE 402 Biosystems Engr. Design I (2hrs)
Core or Tech Elective (3hrs)
Core or Tech Elective (3hrs)
Core or Tech Elective (3hrs)
UK Core (3hrs)

Senior Year- 2nd Semester

BAE 403 Biosystems Engr. Design II (2hrs)
ME 340 Introduction to Mechanical Systems (3hrs)
UK Core (3hrs)
Core or Tech Elective (3hrs)
Core or Tech Elective (3hrs)
Free Elective (3hrs)
This is only to be used as an illustrative schedule. 
Advisor should be seen every semester.
Some classes are not available every semester.
*Technical Electives, 12 credits total required
**Core course, 9 credits total required
The undergraduate Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012. Telephone: (410) 347-7700.