Undergraduate Coleman Stivers participates in national farm conference

BAE undergraduate Coleman Stivers was one of two UK students nominated to participate in a Farm Foundation Round Table in California. Stivers, a junior specializing in Controlled Environment, was nominated by CAFE Dean Nancy Cox to participate in the three-day conference in Irvine.

"The Round Table is a way to broaden perspectives. It's a way to bring everyone together to work on the problems in agriculture," Coleman said after returning from the conference. "Agriculture is more than just farming, You can be a lobbyist in Washington, DC, removed from farming, but you still need to understand the industry," he said.

It was quickly apparent to Coleman that the agricultural challenges in California are very different than those in Kentucky. "Geographic location quickly changes the issues you're facing. In California, the big issue is water. Farms and farmers adapt in different ways to account for the water shortage issues, and there is a lot of piecemeal use of land, which we don't have in Kentucky," he noted.

Coleman Stivers at Farm Foundation Round Table