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5 Question Quiz to See if Patients Want to Cut Tobacco

Chloé Robertson
August 6, 2019

Ever wonder if someone wants to cut out the tobacco? Take this quick quiz to see if you know how to ask!

1. You're talking to a patient and ask:

  • a. Hey, why don't you just cut out tobacco?
  • b. Have you smoked in the last 30 days?


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2. To see if someone is ready to quit, ask:

  • a. Do you want to quit smoking?
  • b. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
  • c. Don’t you care about your health?
  • d. Are you currently using medicine to help you quit?
  • e. a and c
  • f. a, b, and d


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3. The best advice is to:

  • a. Recommend they stop smoking.
  • b. Suggest they keep on smoking or try to cut down with e-cigarettes, hookah, or JUUL.


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4. Smoking Cessation Medications and Counseling are:

  • a. Helpful and safe for those trying to cut tobacco.
  • b. Unsafe and not proven effective for those trying to cut tobacco.


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5. People trying to cut out tobacco should:

  • a. Get help from a QuitLine or tobacco treatment specialist.
  • b. Do the best they can on their own.


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4-5 Answers Correct: What are you waiting for? You’ve got what it takes. Our infographic can help

2-3 Answers Correct: What a great start! Get an easy guide to help with the conversation here

1 Answer Correct: You’ve come to the right place. Helping someone who might want to quit is 5 easy

steps. Our infographic can help guide the conversation

For more information, check this out