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5 R Questions to Help Patients Be Ready to Cut Tobacco

Chloé Robertson
October 25, 2019

Ever tried motivating someone to cut tobacco use but not sure if they are ready? Find out using these five easy steps:


Do you think that quitting smoking is important to YOU and those around you?

 2. Think RISKS.

What thoughts have you had about your health and smoking? Ever think about what effect smoking may have on you and the ones you love?

 3. Talk REWARDS.

What do you think the benefits of quitting smoking may be for you personally? 

(Think improved health, better sense of smell, feeling better, longevity) 

 4. ROADBLOCKS are real.

What do you see as negatives to cutting tobacco? 

(Some people are afraid of withdrawal, depression weight gain and more. These are real roadblocks to their desire to cut tobacco.)

 5. REPEAT yourself.

Yes, it’s ok to ask again later. It’s okay to refer someone to 1-800-QUIT-NOW too!

Want the entire infographic for free? Download it here.