BH WELL Comic Featured in American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking Facilitator Newsletter

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The American Lung Association featured BH WELL’s When Nicotine Attacks: Fight the Crave  comic in their April 14, 2021 Freedom From Smoking Facilitator Newsletter. BH WELL provides resources for individuals living with mental and behavioral health challenges who want to quit smoking. The ALA newsletter reaches facilitators nationwide working to support people who want to quit smoking. Since most people know smoking is bad for one’s health, the Freedom From Smoking program focuses on how rather than why to quit.

For individuals wanting to quit using tobacco and other nicotine products, the journey can be a long and winding road with multiple attempts before success. For individuals living with behavioral health challenges, the journey can be even longer with additional challenges. Researchers at the University of Kentucky created the When Nicotine Attacks: Fight the Crave comic book to apply what they have learned about how quitting can be tailored to support people living with mental illnesses who are trying to quit tobacco and other nicotine products. The comic book offers real-life solutions and relatable characters in a form that is entertaining and fun, all of it informed by 50 years of tobacco control science and the evidence that guides cessation treatment.

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BH WELL developed this comic with funding from the Kentucky Department for Public Health Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program.