BREATHE Team Leaders, including BH WELL's Zim Okoli, Receive FY20-22 Award

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Please join us in congratulating Ellen Hahn, PhD, RN, FAANZim Okoli, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN, CTTS,  Amanda Fallin-Bennett, PhD, RN , and Melinda Ickes, PhD on their recent, two-year, FY20-22 award totaling $1,474,305 from the Kentucky Department for Public Health for the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy.

Funds will be used in a variety of ways 1) to provide technical assistance and training to communities on smoke-free policies, including assessing community readiness, develop strategic plans, preparing fact sheets and one-pagers for the dissemination of scientific information, and assisting with local policy education campaigns related to reducing exposure on secondhand smoke 2) Promote and enhance tobacco treatment in community mental health centers 3) Promote and enhance Youth Tobacco/E-cigarette Prevention, Education, and Empowerment programs in Kentucky.