The Dimensions Comic Books


The Dimensions are more than just a team of superheroes, they're also friends, bandmates, and a representation of the SAMHSA-supported 8 Dimensions of Wellness. This comic book series is based on real research with an aim to make learning fun!

[Issue 1] When Nicotine Attacks: Fight the Crave
This is the story of Eric Ripple, aka Captain Calm. He is super strong and can communicate with animals but suffers from anxiety and nicotine addiction/withdrawal. One day during band practice his nicotine withdrawal starts acting up, causing heightened anxiety. He transforms into a terrifying monster called Shadow Tsunami. It’s up to his friends/bandmates to help him transform back into himself. Ultimately though, it’s his addiction and he’ll have to be the one that lands the last “punch.”
[Issue 2] When Things Fall Apart: Rise Above
This is the Story of Lucy Stretch aka Elastic Beauty. Not only is she struggling to manage her ADHD but she just discovered there's a mole in her company. Can she get discover who the mole is before it's too late?