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Luka Kinard became addicted to Juul when he was 14. Now 17 years old, he wants to share his story in hopes of helping others who are also fighting Juul addiction. This media resource provides five brief messages from Luka and his mom, Kelly. They have a message for health educators, health providers, teachers, and parents. Luka also has a special message just for other teens like himself who might be fighting Juul addiction. Finally, there is a longer conversation (about 45 minutes) between Luka and his mom, Kelly, where they discuss Luka’s journey with Juul addiction and how he has battled his addiction (and continues to daily) in exchange for getting his life back.


Luka’s Message to Health Educators about JUUL Addiction

Kinard urges health educators to educate more youth. He says that youth are more likely to listen to their peers but reject health educator voices. He also incites the use of humor!

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Luka’s Message to Health Providers about JUUL Addiction

Kinard encourages health providers to build a relationship of trust with patients, creating a judgment-free space where they can be comforted. His mother, Kelly Kinard, encourages health providers to help wipe out Juul use and other “trade-off” addictions young people may have.

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Luka’s Message to Teachers about JUUL Addiction

Kinard wants teachers to know that addiction is not a choice. It’s an addiction. He believes there are productive ways to address Juul use that will benefit the student to seek alternatives to their addiction and consider change.

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Luka’s Message to Parents about JUUL Addiction

Luka Kinard explains that parents are not to blame for their child’s addiction. His mother, Kelly Kinard, adds that parents need to be informed and equipped to help their children and others say no to nicotine and the related harmful effects (such as poor academic performance and stunted growth.

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Luka’s Message to Teens about JUUL Addiction

Kinard reveals the dark side of vaping and nicotine addiction. He encourages teens to give up trying to “be cool” and enjoy being themselves instead. He recommends finding a healthy alternative to JUUL addiction such as music, sports, games, reading, or one of the many other healthy choices that exist in the world.

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Luka and Kelly Kinard Discuss His JUUL Addiction​ 

Teen Luka Kinard from High Point, NC gives an extensive look at his journey of addiction, rehabilitation, and a long recovery from Juul use. Mother Kelly Kinard adds her experience seeking help to get her adolescent back. They discuss how his addiction began, the misconceptions of Juul use, finding a teen nicotine addiction program, and strategies to stay clean post rehab. 

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