Media Resources

Here you will find media resources including a PSA series about teenage Juul use and a brief KET segment about smoking cessation being essential to mental health recovery.

Luka Kinard became addicted to Juul when he was 14. Now 17 years old, he wants to share his story in hopes of helping others who are also fighting Juul addiction. This media resource provides five brief messages from Luka and his mom, Kelly. They have a message for health educators, health providers, teachers, and parents. Luka also has a special message just for other teens like himself who might be fighting Juul addiction. Finally, there is a longer conversation (about 45 minutes) between Luka and his mom, Kelly, where they just talk about Luka’s journey with Juul addiction and how he has battled his addiction (and continues to daily) in exchange for getting his life back.

KET featured Dr. Zim Okoli among other tobacco experts in the program, Calling It Quits: Real Help to Stop Smoking. The show aired December 18, 2017 at 8 pm on KET, and examines effective medications and behavioral strategies for tobacco users to quit.