Meet the Art Director: David Bryan Blondell

Thursday, September 16, 2021

News Contributor: Kylie Pemberton

Meet the art director for the BH WELL comics, David Bryan Blondell! He comes to us with many years of experience creating Fine Art action sports portraits for the NBA’s Orlando Magic and UK athletics, as well as providing illustrations, caricatures, computer graphics, and directing initiatives for several Orlando Ad Agencies. For many years, he further combined all these skill-sets with writing, editing and serving as Publisher for the PGA TOUR’s regional golf magazine in Central Florida. David enjoys the role of Art Director because it entails wearing many hats to create a successful product. His experience working with many styles of art & design makes him a versatile asset to meet the unique project needs of the BH WELL comics.

Throughout the comic creation process, David works with artist Dotty Berryman to discuss concepts and techniques that make the comics more readable and fun. After Dotty illustrates the stories, the two work together to enhance and finalize the comic art. Check out Dotty’s story here.

An award-winning cartoonist himself, David shares, “Like any story, the characters evolve as more details are written into the character lines. The road of discovery in that evolution process is intriguing and fun.” David states that he strives to be open to input from readers, co-workers, and others who are genuinely interested in characters being developed in hopes that the end result is better than it would have been originally.

With the BH WELL comics, David enjoys the creation of evidence-based behavioral health messages in a visual form that readers can both learn and enjoy. He says, “It’s satisfying to see a positive response to a published piece that really helps people.” David concludes, “If the product helps people better understand their health goals, then we’ve done our job.”

BH WELL Director, Dr. Zim Okoli, shares, “Few comics address key issues faced by people with mental and behavioral health challenges. The guidance that David provides to this creative process is critical to the success of conveying an important message in a form that is appealing to a wide audience. We are grateful for David’s depth of wisdom and mentorship in bringing our message forward through these engaging comics.”

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