A little means a lot! Please click here to donate to BH WELL.

The Behavioral Health Wellness Environments for Living and Learning (BH WELL) Center relies on external funding for 100% of the work we do. We appreciate every donor whether it be an individual, organization, state or federal agency, or other philanthropic group.

$75 buys an academic poster for professional presentation!

$800 can cover a behavioral health professional’s tobacco treatment specialist course registration!

$1,500 sends a student to a nationally recognized professional conference to learn, present or display an academic poster!

$2,500 could provide a behavioral health scholarship to one of our BH WELL students!

$5,000 provides a half-day training for 50 health care professionals!

$15,000 covers a graduate student’s work stipend for about one year!

$30,000 covers a graduate student’s work stipend AND required tuition coverage for about one year!

We also have options for endowments!