BH WELL Philosophy


Our philosophy at BH WELL is simple. We want everyone to have the chance to live their best life and BH WELL!

Strategic Plan 2021-2025 

Our Mission: The mission of BH WELL is to promote behavioral health and wellness among individuals facing behavioral health challenges.

Our Vision: The vision of BH WELL is to advance behavioral health nursing research, education, clinical care, and evidence-based practice programs in healthcare and education settings.

Our Values: We live DIReCT by prioritizing Diversity, Innovation, Respect, Compassion, and Teamwork.

Framework: BH WELL embraces the SAMHSA-endorsed 8 Dimensions of Wellness as a guiding approach to behavioral health and wellness. 

A Quick Tool to Help Choose Nicotine Replacement Equivalencies

You’ve got a busy practice, full day, and need to cover cutting out tobacco. You’ve gone through the 5As and the 5Rs and NOW your patient wants to stop.

5 R Questions to Help Patients Be Ready to Cut Tobacco

Ever tried motivating someone to cut tobacco use but not sure if they are ready? Find out using these five easy steps:

5 Question Quiz to See if Patients Want to Cut Tobacco

Ever wonder if someone wants to cut out the tobacco? Take this quick quiz to see if you know how to ask!

1. You're talking to a patient and ask:

  • a. Hey, why don't you just cut out tobacco?
  • b. Have you smoked in the last 30 days?