APNA Annual Virtual Conference Photos


Post-Traumatic Growth Among Nurses: What are Influencing Factors?

Presenters: Chizimuzo Okoli, PhD, MSN, MPH, RN & Amanda Lykins, DNP, RN-BC

Examining posttraumatic growth (PTG) can yield insight to constructively understand and approach trauma among nurses. Data was analyzed from 299 nursing staff on traumatic experiences and resulting PTG. Work-place trauma resulted in the lowest PTG scores among nurses should be explored. 


The Behavioral Health Quit and Win (BH Q&W) Contest: Promoting Tobacco Cessation in a Community-Based Mental Illness Recovery Program

Okoli, C.T.C, Abu Farsakh, B., Otachi, J., & Robertson, H.

A pilot community-based incentive-driven tobacco cessation program was implemented among 7 people living with mental health illnesses. 4 participants completed the program and 1 was successful in cessation at the end of the program. Future research is needed to test community-based Quit and Win programs in various behavioral health settings. 


Tobacco Treatment Success: Four-Year Outcomes of A Nurse-Led Tobacco Treatment Service in a Tobacco-Free State Psychiatric Setting.

Abu-Farsakh, B., Al-Mrayat, Y.D., & Okoli, C.T.C.

A nurse-led tobacco treatment program (NL-TTP) was implemented on the provision of tobacco treatment offered for tobacco users admitted to a tobacco-free psychiatric hospital over 4 years. Results include non-significant decreases in tobacco use, significant changes in tobacco screening, significant increases in provided practical counseling, and significant increase in providing FDA approved NRT. Long term outcomes suggest NL-TTP to be an affective approach to improve tobacco screening and treatment for psychiatric facility inpatients.