The Impact of Psychiatric Disorder Diagnosis on Motivation to Quit and Stage of Change Among Patients at a Hospital-Based Outpatient Smoking Cessation Clinic

Smoking is among the greatest international public health concerns, causing excessive levels of preventable premature death, disability, and economic costs...

Dr. Zim Okoli Speaks at Tobacco Tax Media Event, Calls for Higher Cigarette Tax with members of BREATHE.

Supporters of a higher cigarette tax in Kentucky, including members of the College of Nursing BREATHE (Bridging Research Efforts and Advocacy Toward Health Environments) Team, rallied at the State Capitol in Frankfort on Thursday, February 8, 2018. 

The Tobacco Quitline: Things You Should Know

1-800-QUIT-NOW (you may want to write that down) is a toll-free number run by the National Cancer Institute. 

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The Tobacco Dependence Clinic's 8-week program is based on the transtheoretical model of change. It focuses on moving people from contemplation to action and provides the tools for maintaining change. The weeks can be broken down into three subsections: developing awareness, making a plan, and sustaining change. For the full manuals, see the facilitator and participant guides linked below. 


Tobacco Dependence Clinic Facilitator’s Guide

This manual was developed based on over 50 years of evidence-based science. This tailored approach to tobacco treatment evolved out of three years of feedback from program participants, the feedback and expertise of colleagues, and further research in the field of tobacco dependence treatment. The 8-week program is based on the transtheoretical model of change. For more information click here.

Tobacco Dependence Clinic Participant’s Guide

Stopping smoking does not occur all at once. It happens over time. Researchers have found that there are 5 stages to quitting: Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance. For more information and the full 8-week program, click here.


A Quick Tool to Help Choose Nicotine Replacement Equivalencies

You’ve got a busy practice, full day, and need to cover cutting out tobacco. You’ve gone through the 5As and the 5Rs and NOW your patient wants to stop.

5 Question Quiz to See if Patients Want to Cut Tobacco

Ever wonder if someone wants to cut out the tobacco? Take this quick quiz to see if you know how to ask!

1. You're talking to a patient and ask:

  • a. Hey, why don't you just cut out tobacco?
  • b. Have you smoked in the last 30 days?