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Post-Traumatic Growth Among Nurses: What are Influencing Factors?

Presenters: Chizimuzo Okoli, PhD, MSN, MPH, RN & Amanda Lykins, DNP, RN-BC

Examining posttraumatic growth (PTG) can yield insight to constructively understand and approach trauma among nurses. Data was analyzed from 299 nursing staff on traumatic experiences and resulting PTG. Work-place trauma resulted in the lowest PTG scores among nurses should be explored. 


The Behavioral Health Quit and Win (BH Q&W) Contest: Promoting Tobacco Cessation in a Community-Based Mental Illness Recovery Program

Okoli, C.T.C, Abu Farsakh, B., Otachi, J., & Robertson, H.

A pilot community-based incentive-driven tobacco cessation program was implemented among 7 people living with mental health illnesses. 4 participants completed the program and 1 was successful in cessation at the end of the program. Future research is needed to test community-based Quit and Win programs in various behavioral health settings. 


Tobacco Treatment Success: Four-Year Outcomes of A Nurse-Led Tobacco Treatment Service in a Tobacco-Free State Psychiatric Setting.

Abu-Farsakh, B., Al-Mrayat, Y.D., & Okoli, C.T.C.

A nurse-led tobacco treatment program (NL-TTP) was implemented on the provision of tobacco treatment offered for tobacco users admitted to a tobacco-free psychiatric hospital over 4 years. Results include non-significant decreases in tobacco use, significant changes in tobacco screening, significant increases in provided practical counseling, and significant increase in providing FDA approved NRT. Long term outcomes suggest NL-TTP to be an affective approach to improve tobacco screening and treatment for psychiatric facility inpatients. 



APNA Annual Conference

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American Psychiatric Nurse Association's 34th annual conference will be held online due to COVID-19.

BH WELL's very own Dr. Zim Okoli and Dr. Amanda Lykins will present their research "Post-Traumatic Growth Among Nurses: What are Influencing Factors?" on Friday October 2nd 12:40 PM EST - 1:25 PM EST.

Modifiable Risk Factors for People with Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Zim Okoli shares 5 modifiable risk factors for people living with mental health and substance use disorders:

Secondary Traumatic Stress

Secondary traumatic stress is the emotional duress that results when an individual hears about the firsthand trauma experiences of another.

UK's Center on Trauma & Children has created evidence-based tools to screen for various forms of Secondary Traumatic Stress. Take one of their brief screeners here.

Secondary Traumatic Stress can take numerous forms. Here, we focus on research about compassion fatigue among psychiatric nurses. This phenomenon has emerged as a detrimental consequence of work-related stress among nurses. Compassion fatigue affects the job performance, and emotional and physical health of nurses.