UK CON Nursing Student Scholarship Showcase Agenda 2021

1pm- Welcome and Address: “What does Scholarship really mean” Martha Biddle, PhD, APRN, CCNS

Undergraduate Presentations

1:15-1:30pm - Hannah Bowman   “COVID-19 Attitudes and Social Influences among Black and Rural Churches in KY” (Mentor: Dr. Williams)

1:30-1:45pm- Emma Wheeler   “Maternal Depression at Child Age 1 and Behaviors and Social Functioning at Age 9” (Mentor: Dr. Hutti)

DNP Student Oral Presentations

1:45- 2:00pm- Brittany Roher “Tobacco Cessation Sensation” (Mentor: Dr. Tovar)

2:00- 2:15pm- Havilah Adkins “Identification of Feeding Practices That Correlate with High Weight-for-Length” (Mentor: Dr. Scott)         

PhD Student Oral Presentation

2:15-2:30pm- Amani Kappi   “Parental Barriers in Seeking Mental Health Services for ADHD in Children” (Mentor: Dr. Okoli)

2:30-2:45 pm- Geunyeong Cha  “Effects of Yoga on Health Outcomes in Post-Cardiac Patients: A Systematic Review” (Mentor: Dr. Chung)


3:30- 5pm Poster Hall attendance- Viewing of all poster submissions along with mentoring and live video chat with poster presenters