Work Learning Program

The Work Learning Program was designed as a way for nurses to further their education and advance their careers, and to prepare these nurses for practice and leadership. The program provides evidence-based support to full-time employees admitted to the Work Learning Program.

The program was designed to:

  1. Create a space in the workplace set aside for learning.
  2. Create a smooth transition from work to work-learning.
  3. Create a sense of belonging by creating work-learning cohorts studying the same content.
  4. Provide program coordination and direct student support.
  5. Offer program commitment to the work-learners.

The program offers extra support such as study room, paid study time, peer tutoring, and bonding activities to full-time health professionals further their education. The program began in Fall 2017 with an RN to BSN cohort. This cohort graduated in August 2019 and participated in the December 2019 graduation ceremony. BH WELL is continuing to partner with the University of Kentucky, UK HealthCare, Eastern State Hospital and the UK College of Nursing on future Work Learning Program cohorts.