Advocacy & Support

Bias Incident Support Services (BISS) exists to provide support and advocacy for any student, staff, or faculty member impacted by bias, hatred, and/or an act of identity-based violence. BISS also provides education, training, and consultation services to any University entity interested in working to nurture a sense of belonging within their college, division, office, department, etc.


What services does Bias Incident Support Services provide for any student, student organization, staff, or faculty member impacted by an instance of identity-based violence or harassment based on identity or perceived identity?

  • Confidential support at the time of crisis

  • Resources to support an individual's physical, emotional and academic well-being

  • Information and assistance with reporting options on campus and in the community

  • Advocacy for needed accommodations

  • Consultation with campus partners around issues of belonging and inclusion

  • Trainings and workshops centered on increasing skills and knowledge needed to cultivate a culture of belonging


Are services confidential?

Unless there is a legal reporting requirement, BISS staff can provide confidential services. Advocates are available to discuss individual concerns regarding confidentiality to ensure that those reporting are well informed of their rights and limitations of confidentiality.


How do I access services?

Any student, staff, or faculty can access BISS services Monday-Friday, from 8:30am-5pm.  BISS is housed in Frazee Hall, Lower Level, Suite 4. Those seeking services can call 859-257-3189 or email Carol Taylor-Shim or to arrange an appointment or drop in Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm. Appointments are NOT required and walk-ins are always welcomed. For urgent needs outside of business hours, you may contact UKPD 257-1616 or call 911. An official report IS NOT necessary to access BISS services.