Cover II Cover Social Justice Book Club
Cover II Cover is a social justice-focused book club that strives to push University of Kentucky community members to read books that are socially and politically challenging and engage in productive, activist-minded discourse. This program is for individuals that want to explore books about race, gender, ability, immigration, poverty, criminal justice, as well as a host of other issues.

Decoded Dialogues
Have you ever had difficulty approaching a particular subject in conversation? Whether it be due to a lack of knowledge or understanding about that subject or just a general sense of discomfort whenever it is mentioned? Decoded Dialogues is a discussion-based program that focuses on effectively and productively engaging in conversations about matters of social justice in a manner that is both well informed and interesting! From racism to privilege to classism, nothing is off the table at this program! Facilitated by BISS staff and the University's Ambassadors for Inclusive Excellence, Decoded Dialogues are inspired by MTV's hit show, Decoded, on which Franchesca Ramsey, an American comedian-activist-actress-writer, tackles race, pop culture, and other "uncomfortable things", in funny and thought-provoking ways.

Boxes and Walls
Boxes and Walls walks students, staff, and faculty, through exhibits designed to personalize the struggle members of historically underserved communities face and to educate attendees on the impact of oppression and marginalization over time. There will be rooms that student organizations will stage in a way that represents an example of oppression that impacts the community that the organization represents.  Groups of participants will experience each room, hear from students from the impacted communities, and then end with a debrief (facilitated by UK Counseling Center Staff) to unpack what they have learned, what they are feeling, and how they can engage in and support the ongoing work of inclusion and belonging here at UK.

Facing Change Week
Facing Change Week, is our annual, week-long collaborative program of events and opportunities for University of Kentucky students, staff, and faculty to connect, engage, and be challenged around issues of diversity, belonging, and social justice. We work with a host of campus and community partners including the Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center, UK Counseling Center, UK Center for Equality and Social Justice, UK College of Social Work, Martin Luther King Center, and more!