Tuition & Fees

UK Course Charges:

Tuition is charged for credit earned through EXP courses the same as it would be for other UK courses. An experience that will have academic credit from UK will be charged regular credit bearing fees as a normal registered course at UK. Students are also encouraged to speak to UK Student Account Services to discuss registered course fees.

Full-time Status:

Students will want to enroll in at least 12 academic credit hours for fall and spring terms. Students can work with the Experiential Education team to drop registered classes to add EXP academic credit after a terms drop/add date. 

Experience Fees:

Students should not have to pay fees to participate in an internship or experiential experience with the exception of programs affiliated with academic credit-bearing institutions. If a student is unsure or has a question/concern about the position description, then students are encouraged to share the position description with the Experiential Education team at