Amanda Royer

Career Services & Service-Learning Coordinator

Amanda is originally from Henderson, Kentucky, and is a proud Kentuckian.  She completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Nonprofit Leadership Studies from Murray State University in 2018.  In 2020, She also earned a Master of Public Administration with a focus in Public Policy degree from Missouri State University.  Amanda is glad to be back in her home state and looks forward to exploring Lexington!  

Prior job that shaped her: She has previously worked in Residence Life as a Resident Assistant and an Assistant Hall Director.  Both of these roles allowed her to realize that she loves both the work of nonprofits and working with students.  She looks forward to continuing to work with students through her new role at the University of Kentucky!  

How she would describe herself: She describes herself as a quirky and funny person.  She values being an ethical leader and being engaged in the community. 

  • Meyers-Briggs Type: INFJ
  • Top 5 CliftonStrengths: Learner, Achiever, Focus, Input, and Discipline
  • Enneagram: Type 1

What she enjoys doing outside of work: After work, she can be found enjoying nature through hiking, hammocking or taking care of her 15+ succulents.  She also enjoys baking and cooking.  She is a big fan of trying new foods and coffee shops.  Amanda is a dog lover and has never said “no” when someone asks “would you like to see a picture of my dog”.      

A goal in life:  She hopes to make a positive impact on the world around her through being an active and engaged citizen. 

Fun fact: She loves live music and has been to over 25 concerts and music festivals.