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Develop a Networking Strategy

Networking Strategy

Networking is about connecting and sharing information. It requires you to talk to friends, professors, family, co-workers, former supervisors, customers, and reaching out to people you’d like to know in areas of interest. It’s a give and take process. Networking is one of the most efficient ways to spend your time when you're looking for a job. Networking yields about an 80% success rate. Do not be afraid to utilize your network. Most people remember what it's like to be job searching and are happy to help out. In addition, people usually like to talk about themselves and their careers. If you are respectful, professional, and enthusiastic, you will probably find that networking can work for you! In order to begin networking follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm a list of all the people who can help you find a job. Don't leave anyone out. Your contacts don't have to be CEO's to be helpful!
  • Let all of your contacts know what type of position for which you are looking.
  • If possible, give each of your contacts a copy of your resume to circulate.
  • Join online professional and social networking sites to network.
  • Network with faculty and members of professional associations.