Faculty & Advisors

Supervising Student Internship:

Am I eligible to be a sponsor?

Teaching status is required to supervise interns for EXP 396/397/650 - this includes full and adjunct faculty as well as staff that have taught a course at UK. However, teaching assistants/graduate assistants may work with students if the supervising faculty will co-sign the learning contract and agree to be ultimately responsible for the course supervision.

Students may take this elective course outside their majors, but departmental approval is required. Therefore, for example, a History Department faculty member could be a sponsor for a student majoring in Historic Preservation in the College of Design, or vice versa.

Role as a Faculty Sponsor

Responsibilities of the supervisor include:

  • Helping the student design a learning contract on Handshake and approve it via e-mail when prompted 
  • Meeting with the student to discuss progress, projects, problems, etc.
  • Maintaining contact with the site supervisor as necessary
  • Evaluating the learning
  • Assigning the final grade and submitting it to the Career Center
  • Developing and approving academic assignments which should be reflective in nature. Examples of assignments often given to interns
    • Weekly journals (sometimes with prompt questions)
    • Presentations (to classes on campus, at the site, etc.)
    • Comprehensive papers on the learning experience
    • Analysis assignments (e.g. "analyze the communication system used by -this company")
    • Supplemental reading to enhance the experience
  • Faculty will have access to a Canvas Instructor Lounge for resources and an EXP Blueprint course in Canvas that they can tailor to their specific student experience


There are many benefits to becoming involved with students gaining real-world experience through an internship. Below are some of the most common benefits that previous faculty mentors have referenced.

  • Faculty are able to network with professionals who come in daily contact with the realities of the profession
  • Students can assist in research of import to faculty
  • Students return to the classroom with new insights and heightened interest in the subject matter
  • Faculty can learn/implement creative applications of experiential education

Reach out to expblue@uky.edu if you have any questions!