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Handshake Alumni FAQs

Who can use Handshake?

University of Kentucky alumni are eligible. Only UK alumni may participate in on-campus recruiting. UK Alumni are considered anyone who attended UK and has completed 12+ credit hours.

How do I update my Handshake account to a different email address, since I don't have my uky.edu email address anymore?

Email ukalumnicareer@uky.edu with your old email address and what email address you would like to use in the future

  1. UK career services will initiate that process. 

  2. You will then receive two emails, one to your original email address used with Handshake and one to your new email address that will be used with Handshake. (Note: There may be a slight delay receiving the emails so please be patient)

  3. It is now up to you to verify this email change and determine if you want to update your account.(*) If you choose to do so you can click Change Email and copy the code included in the confirmation.

  4. Once you click Finish Email Change the new email will be associated with your account

How do I create an account, if I didn't have one as a student?

Visit the Handshake login page

Create an account with your preferred email address.

You will be asked to provide your name (while attending UK) and your birthdate for verification. Account eligibility will be verified by the Alumni office and can take 3-5 days for approval. UK Alumni are considered any who attended UK and have completed 12+ credit hours. For additional questions, please contact ukalumnicareer@uky.edu.

How do I complete my profile?

  1. Fill out your Education Section!  Click the pencil next to your name and make sure you have your Major and Start/End Dates filled out.

  2. Fill out your Work Experience, make sure your Work Experience has a Job title, Employer, Time Period, and Location. 

  3. Add an Organization and Extracurricular Activities.

  4. Add multiple skills, documents, courses, projects.

  5. Add a profile picture.

My class year is incorrect; how can I change it?

In your Accounts tab, update your “School Year” field, and make your selection from the dropdown menu.

I’m being blocked from applying for a job because of my qualifications (major, GPA…). What can I do?

Any alumni who have access to Handshake can apply for any job in Handshake, regardless of qualifications. While no one is ever blocked from applying, you may not necessarily be fully qualified based on items such as major, GPA, etc. However, you may see a system message that indicates you are missing a qualification. Please note that this will not stop you from submitting your application for any opportunity.

How do I login to the Handshake app? 

1. Go to the Handshake app on your device

2. Use your registered email address

3. Click Sign-In You will receive a temporary passcode to your email address

4. Go back to the app and type in the temporary passcode

5. Click Sign-in


How do I create an appointment with a Career Advisor?

Handshake Article: How to create an appointment

* If you have recently graduated, please check with your Career Services office to determine if they are able to serve you.

  • Ex: Alumni who have graduated in 2019 & 2020, Stuckert Career Center will continue to provide services for 12 months from your graduate year.   

  • Ex: College of Business & Economics alumni who have graduated within the last 12 months may continue to use services provided by the Graham Office of Career Management

  • Ex: Alumni Career Services *Make an appointment with a certified alumni career counselor by calling 859-257-8905 or 1-800-269-ALUM (2586) *based on Alumni Association membership. 

Why should I use Handshake?

Handshake users have the ability to explore and find amazing job and internship opportunities. The platform changes to meet your customized needs, pushing out information that is relevant and timely based on your career interests, experiences, and major. Handshake is also where you will apply for jobs, see relevant career articles, sign up for events and workshops, and access the on-campus recruiting program.

Contact hireblue@uky.edu for additional questions not found in the Help Center or that are specific to your University of Kentucky Handshake account.