Developing a Networking Strategy

Networking is about connecting and sharing information. It requires you to talk to friends, professors, family, co-workers, former supervisors, customers, and reaching out to people you’d like to know in areas of interest.
Networking yields about an 80% success rate. Do not be afraid to utilize your network. Most people remember what it's like to be job searching and are happy to help out.
Please review these tips and resources on Networking Strategies:

Conduct Informational Interviewing

Another great way to network is to conduct an informational interview. An informational interview allows you to "interview" someone in your chosen areas of interest or career path that you are considering. The purpose of an informational interview is two-fold:
a) to find out more about the career in which you are considering
b) to make connections with professionals who can offer information and possibly help you along the path of finding the right career for you.

Please review the informational interview resource packet to prepare for an interview.  {Attachment below}