Handshake FAQs: Employer

Employer Information

What is Handshake?

Handshake is the fast and powerful recruiting platform for sourcing University of Kentucky students and alumni.  It uses cutting-edge technology to better connect you with qualified candidates.

Use Handshake to post job and internship listings, register for career fairs, manage on-campus recruiting, promote your events, and message students and alumni who meet your qualifications. You will also be able to promote your brand more effectively by customizing your employer profile, job postings, and events to be more visually appealing to students.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why hasn’t my employer account been approved at the University of Kentucky yet?

Under normal circumstances it typically takes 5-7 days to process pending employer approval requests. If your request is not complete in this timeframe, please log into Handshake and check your notifications for any comments on your registration.

If you have an urgent need to post a job or internship listing for University of Kentucky students, please contact us at hireblue@uky.edu.

I joined the wrong organization. How do I fix this?

Start by clicking Profile on the left side navigation bar

Click on the “Account” tab in the top right corner

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and from there Handshake will ask you to leave your employer and connect to a new one

Check out the Handshake “How do I leave my company and join a new one?” article for assistance on how to switch to the correct organization

How do I create a job posting?

The Handshake “How do I post a job?” article or “How to post a new job” video tutorial is a great way for the step-by-step process.

For more job posting-related answers, check out Handshake’s Help Center.

I created a job posting, but now I can’t find it.

You should be able to find all jobs under your home page. Your job will not actually post to a school and show up under Job Postings until your account is approved at a particular school.

Where do I find my fair registrations?

In Handshake, click Fairs on the left menu and then select "Show Registered Only."

To find upcoming University of Kentucky fairs, search for “University of Kentucky”.  

We recommend you click “Follow Career Fair” on fairs you’ve registered for to receive updates and easily find them in the future.

How do I request on-campus interview dates?

Click Interviews on the Left Hand Navigation Bar

In the right hand corner, click “Request Interview Schedule”

Fill out the form and click the “Request Event” button

Choose University of Kentucky and select the career services location where you will host your interviews.

Please provide as much information as possible.

Your request will be processed based on Career Center choice and will be approved. More information will be provided by UK Career Services upon approval.

For interview request questions, contact hireblue@uky.edu

Handshake “How do I post an interview schedule to a school? help article

How do I request an event (information session, tabling, etc) ?

Go to your HOME page or click Events on the Left Hand Navigation Bar

In the right hand corner, click “Request Event”

Fill out the form (Host, Type, Name, Event Image, and Description)

Click Request Event button

Handshake has a great step-by-step article: Request an Event

What if I have other questions?

For other Handshake-related questions visit Handshake's Help Center.

Contact hireblue@uky.edu for additional questions not found in the Help Center.