Reba Carroll

Assistant Director, Career Advising

Reba earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Acting at Northern Kentucky University and a Masters in Theatre at the University of Kentucky. After many years as an actress, she became fascinated with career counseling!

Since August 2011, Reba has served as an Assistant Director at the Stuckert Career Center at the University of Kentucky. She specializes in career management and education as well as career personality assessments. She is also a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and also holds a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) credential and her career assessment certifications include; The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, and True Colors. Since 2005, Reba has taught college-level courses such as Career and Professional Development, Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication, College Success Strategies, and UK 101. 

Prior to her employment at UKReba was a classroom instructor and the department chair of General Education at Spencerian College in Lexington for over 4 years and the Director of Career Services there for 2 years.

How she would describe herself: She is one who is sensitive, compassionate, and thinks too much, and has a bit of a warped sense of humor! Reba likes to think of herself as having a heart for students and delighting in directing them to use their talents and passions in finding their career path with full confidence. 

A goal in life:  To guide students and clients in recognizing their potential and their worthiness of self-love.

Fun Fact:  Most people at the University of Kentucky don’t know that Reba played “Grandma” in 10 episodes of the PBS children’s television show, Dooley and Friends in 1996.