Robin Christopher

Administrative Services Assistant

Robin has been working in customer service since 2005. She enjoys assisting others and making a difference. During her years working in customer service, her background comes from a plethora of fields such as restaurant, retail, banking, and higher education. Her journey at the University of Kentucky began as a STEPS employee, onto Cooperative Extension Human Resources, and now working as an Administrative Services Assistant at the Stuckert Career Center. Robin earned her Bachelor’s degree at Eastern Kentucky University and her Masters in Business Administration at Sullivan University. She looks forward to furthering her education at the University of Kentucky.

Prior job that shaped her:  Robin has learned things from her previous positions that has allowed her to be in the place she is today. Perseverance, dedication, patience, ambition, and problem solving are characteristics she has taken from her time in customer service. Each characteristic has allowed her to strive and fortify to the positions held and currently, so far in her career. “A learning experience is always an attribute to anyone’s success”, Robin proclaims. When you work in banking and handling customers money, brings on a whole new level of responsibility and distinction. Building relationships has and continues to be a building block, thus far in Robin’s success.

How she describes herself:  Hardworking, passionate in helping others, and always has a smile.

What she enjoys doing outside of work: Spending time with my son, traveling, sporting events, poetry, listening to music, and generally making memories. She is working on a couple of ideas for personal growth.

A goal in life: To be the best version of myself and to see the Las Vegas Raiders win a Super Bowl in my lifetime! Also, start reading more books.

Fun fact: A Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Sales Presentation Champion.